Sun. Oct. 16                                                                     Reconnecting to Our Past

Do you know how our founding congregations- St. John’s and Belmont- began? Where did it all begin? How many people were there in the beginnings? How could they build these great buildings? How does our past still impact our ministries?   

We will get to hear stories of our beginnings. There will a display of pictures and images that tell a great story at the fellowship hall during the coffee hour.


Sun. Oct. 23                                                                Reconnecting to Our Present

Do you know how many lives are being touched and cared for by our ministries and mission?

Do you their faces and stories? Do you know what is happening in our two buildings between Sundays? Come this Sunday to celebrate how who we are and what we do as a church is impacting lives, communities, and the world! 


Sun. Oct. 30                                                                   Reconnecting to Our Future

What would BWUMC be doing in 2020? What new and exciting ways could we work toward a future with vitality and hope? What do our children and youth like about our church? What kind of church would they want to be a part of when they grow up?

Join one another this Sunday as we look ahead where God is calling us to be as a living and vibrant presence of Christ. During the coffee hour fellowship, you will have opportunities to share your vision and passion for our future together!


Sun. Nov. 6                                                                               Reconnecting to One Another

Consecration Sunday with Luncheon Celebration

How many people would be worshipping if we bring together all who are the part of and love BWUMC on one same Sunday? Whom have you been hoping to see? Whom in your family and friends would you been wanting to share your faith and invite to worship with you?  

Please come, please invite others to join together to celebrate our life together as a church! Watertown Men’s Group will be preparing once again a delicious luncheon for the celebration of BWUMC on this day.